Introducing OTOSCAN
– the Complete Earscanning Solution

OTOSCAN gives you an easier way to provide custom hearing care to your clients.

The first digital earscanning solution, OTOSCAN is intuitive – enabling you to make accurate earscans quickly and safely, while supporting your consultative role with clients.

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100% Solution

OTOSCAN® is a Complete Earscanning Solution, including a cloud-based system that makes the online ordering process, digital transmission and storage of ear scan images simple. Here’s what you get and how it works

100% Intuitive

OTOSCAN® makes providing custom hearing care products for your patients easy.
Learn how intuitive it is to use

100% Consultative

OTOSCAN® Earscanning is a window of opportunity for interaction with your patients.
Learn how it can change the way you interact with patients 

100% Custom Hearing Care

OTOSCAN® Earscanning will transform custom hearing care through a safer and more accurate procedure than the current silicone impression process. Learn how OTOSCAN® will improve custom hearing care  

100% Digital

OTOSCAN® is a handheld device for digital ear scanning of the complete outer ear to past the second bend of the ear canal.
Here’s how the technology works

Are you ready for the future?

OTOSCAN® will provide safer, more accurate ear scanning results and new ways to interact with patients.
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